Yamalia English Language Teachers' Association The 5th Annual YamELTA Conference

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Dear Colleagues!
We invite you to take part in the 5th Annual Conference of Yamalia English Language Teachers' Association!

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November, 2-3 2018

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Secondary Comprehensive School # 4, Gubkinsky
Address: 67, microdistrict 9, Gubkinsky, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug, 629830, Russia

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Information Letter
Please download the full information letter

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The Conference Program

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To register at the conference please fill in a Google form following this link.
You can also use the QR-code to get to the form.
Please note that in 2018 you can pay your registration fee (RUR 600 for non-YamELTA members, RUR 300 for YamELTA members) only to our bank account using the bank account info below:

Региональная общественная профессиональная организация “Ямальская ассоциация преподавателей английского языка”
Расчётный счёт № 40703810562430001218 в Филиале Западно-Сибирский ПАО Банка «Финансовая корпорация «Открытие»
Корр. счёт: 30101810465777100812 в ГУ Банка России по ЦФО
ИНН банка: 7706092528, БИК банка: 047162812
Назначение платежа: взнос от Ф.И.О.

bring your receipt at the conference registration (on the 1st or the 2nd day of the event).


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Vasily Gorbachev
Vasiliy Gorbachev is an EL teacher, trainer, materials writer and curriculum developer. He is a co-author of “English for Academics” (Cambridge University Press) and has a Ph.D in Pedagogy. Vasiliy took an active part in designing an innovative ELT curriculum for Letovo School, a recently launched boarding institution for gifted and talented children from all over Russia. Before Letovo, he headed the language support programme for undergraduate students enrolled in British BA (Hons) at the British Higher School of Art and Design (Moscow). Last year, Vasiliy taught the blended course “Writing a Syllabus of Your Discipline in English” to the faculty of Higher School of Economics (Moscow). Vasiliy Gorbachev’s ELT background has more than 20 years of teaching EGP, ESP, EAP, American Studies in higher education institutions (Moscow State University, Ryazan State Pedagogical University), private language schools and as a freelancer. At Letovo, he is currently involved in teaching within the framework of the IB+ programmes.
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Matthew A. Thompson
Public Affairs Officer, U.S. Consulate Yekaterinburg
Matt most recently worked at the U.S. Embassy in Riga, Latvia, where he served in the Public Affairs Section. As Deputy Public Affairs Officer, Matt oversaw the embassy’s cultural and youth programs, managed a wide range of the State Department’s academic exchanges, in particular, the Fulbright Fellowships, and was in charge of the embassy’s social media channels. Matt also served a significant amount of time as the Acting Public Affairs Officer, which included duties as embassy spokesman. Previous overseas assignments include consular work at the U.S. Consulate in Matamoros, Mexico. Prior to joining the State Department, Matt was a journalist at a daily newspaper in Seattle. He served two years in the Peace Corps as an English teacher in a rural village in Bulgaria. Most recently, Matt was the Director of American Football Operations at the Northern Arizona University. He received his BA in print journalism from the University of Montana. He earned his MA degree in Russian, East European, and Central Asian Studies from the University of Washington in Seattle.
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Irina Titarenko
Irina Titarenko has been involved in teacher development and TEFL consultancy for over 30 years as a teacher trainer, materials designer and project manager. She worked with the British Council in Russia from 1996 till 2007 leading on a range of projects in ELT, Arts, Science and Education. In 2009 she was headhunted for the position of Deputy Director in the School of Philology and Language Communication, Siberian Federal University, where she worked until recently being in charge for ELT strategy and professional development. Irina is currently acting as a freelance ELT consultant, researcher and teacher trainer. Her professional interests are ranged around digital and blended learning, CLIL, EAP and ESAP, English as a global language. Irina holds MA in Applied Linguistics for English Language Teaching from Lancaster University, UK.
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Svetlana Sannikova
Svetlana Sannikova received her PhD from Chelyabinsk State Pedagogical University and is currently an Associate Professor of South-Ural State Humanitarian Pedagogical University (former ChSPU). Before her coming back to the Pedagogical University, she worked as a vice-rector and headed the Department of Foreign Languages in South-Ural State Institute of Arts. Svetlana’s background has about 40 years of teaching EFL, ESP, Business English, American Culture, Methodology, Theoretical Grammar, Lexicology and some other theoretical subjects in Chelyabinsk State pedagogical University, South-Ural State University, Institute of Arts. She is the author of about 100 publications, 4 monographies, 3 manuals on theoretical courses of English. She is a founder and a President of CHETA, on the Board of Experts for the NATE, coordinator and researcher of EU project TEMPUS IV “Promoting Sustainable Excellence in Testing and Assessment of English”, coordinator of BVI project in Chelyabinsk region, coordinator and tutor of International programs ACCESS and Advance.
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Tatiana Malysheva
Tatiana Malysheva is a senior lecturer for the Institute of International Relations in Yekaterinburg, the faculty of Linguistics and Translation. Tatyana is also an ELT methodologist of ELTA-URALS Association and has been a regional expert in the unified state exam in English in Sverdlovsk region since 2008
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Tatiana Sokolova
Tatiana Sokolova is a speaker and a Senior Teacher Trainer ELT, Language.Prosvescheniye Ltd, CELTA, TKT, BEC Higher Certificates holder, PTE and LCCI Examiner and Master Trainer, State Examinations Expert. Tatiana has been teaching English for more than 25 years at state and private schools, international business companies, and language schools. She is an enthusiastic participant of ESL Teachers’ forums, conferences, communities, research and innovation teams with special interest in developing critical and creative thinking skills, implementing digital technology and blended learning in language teaching.
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Elizabeth Driver
Since 2009, Dr. Elizabeth Driver has been the Director of Maryland English Institute, the University of Maryland’s English language center for international students. She came to this position with extensive experience in university teaching and academic program administration. She holds a PhD in English from the University of Maryland as well as two MAs: one in English from Maryland and one in linguistics / TESOL from American University. She taught in the intensive English language programs at American and Georgetown universities and was an instructor and coordinator for the University of Maryland’s Academic Writing Program, which enrolls approximately 4000 students per year. Since 1994, she has taught many courses in English literature, world literature, English grammar and language history, academic writing and professional writing for UM’s English department. From 2003-2006, she taught English and American literature at the University of Szeged, Hungary. On returning to the US and prior to working with MEI, she joined UM’s Office of International Services, facilitating visits of international research scholars, professors, interns and exchange students to the campus.
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Svetlana Bolshanina
Svetlana holds a position of teacher of English and French at "English Time" Language School which she runs herself in the city of Krasnodar. She is an alumna of International Visitor Leadership Program (USA) and works as a Coordinator of "Access" Program in Krasnodar. She is a frequent speaker at international ELT events. Svetlana’s primary areas of professional interest are YL, handling students’ motivation and other problems within EFL teaching field.
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Svetlana Tkalenko
Svetlana Tkalenko is a teacher of English with 20-year experience in ELT. Svetlana is a 1st class Counselor of the state civil service of Leningrad region and has an experience in realizing regional policy of vocational education and training of the region as a Department of Education specialist. She is now working in vocational education and training system, in Polytechnic college of Saint-Petersburg, preparing students for participating in WSR Championships. Svetlana is a member of NATE and SPELTA, her primary professional interests include EFL and ESP.
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Eugene Kolyadin
Eugene Kolyadin, PhD, Gubkinsky, Yamalia, Russia; president of Yamalia English Language Teachers’ Association (NATE-Russia regional affiliate), International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP 2014) alumnus, E-Teacher and British Council teachers’ professional development programs alumnus, member of NATE-Russia, Russian Communicative Association, TESOL and IATEFL. He often shares his 15-year experience in ELT at local, national and international conventions both in Russia and abroad. Eugene’s professional interests include ICT in teaching FL, teaching techniques of language skills, language assessment and much more.


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If you need an accommodation during your stay in Gubkinsky, please look at the list of hotels of the town. You can contact their reception services to get more information on rooms availability and prices.
There is also an option to rent a private flat, looking for ads at
Avito and Youla websites.

Gubkinsky phone area code is 8 (349 36)
Hotel Address Phone

42, mcr. 5

5 39 99

Sever 47, mcr. 16 3 35 35
Medvezhonok 44, mcr. 16 5 37 27
Talanga 57, mcr. 2 5 47 81
Yamal 65/1, mcr. 16 5 22 11
Astoria 42, mcr. 13 6 11 11
Ryabinka 19, mcr. 13 8 912 072 74 74
Zhemchuzhina Industrial Zone 2 92 84
Imperia 39, mcr.13 5 33 33
Comfort 6, mcr. 13 5 35 88


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The Conference Official Facebook Page
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The Conference Hashtags