Yamalia English Language Teachers' Association Diverse Russia|Feedback

Welcome contest jury:
It was a useful and exciting experience! It would be wonderful to organize one more contest next year, maybe it could be devoted to traditions and customs of different regions of our country. (
Oksana Chuchumova, Perm Krai)

I liked it very much. I found for myself some special features of presenting information and it helped me to develop my own competence in information and communication technologies. Also I think it's a great way to instill a sense of patriotism to younger generation. (
Anna Dmitrieva, Chelyabinskaya oblast)

I feel honored to have participated in such a wonderful project. I believe it is unique in a way and it would be great if we had a similar project again next year. It definitely encourages students to explore their regions, fosters love of their homeland and hospitality. (
Anzhelika Vladyko, Yekaterinburg, Sverdlovskaya oblast)

For me it was a great experience. There were some works with very original ideas. Some works were perfectly developed (I felt that not only the pupils but their teachers did their best) This contest has inspired me to create something unusual with my students. (
Volkova Svetlana, Sverdlovsk region)

In general, the project made a good impression on me. Some works are fantastic and exciting. I think, the goal of the contest has been achieved. (
Kanunova Tatiana, Tula region)

I simply discovered some regions of our immense country. It also broadens my knowledge about people and places they live. It helps people abroad to discover Russia through these videoworks and surely encorages the intercultural communication. (
Mamonova Natalya Vasilyevna, Chelyabinsk)

Everything was interesting, useful and timely. (
Marina Filimonova, a teacher in secondary school, Belgorod)

All of them have been of practical use, especially represented by native speakers for the reason of their natural speach and their interactive collaboration with the participants of the webinars. (
Tatyana Sharafutdinova, a teacher in secondary school,  Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk region)

The speakers did their best to put across their innovations to the audience.The webinars dealt with a wide range of issues related to teaching cultural diversity. Even though some topics were note closely connected with what I was teaching at the moment, I am sure the experience that I received at the webinars will be useful to me in future. (
Olga Ilina, a univerity teacher, Moscow)

I've made some useful notes (E.g. Creating ways of teaching culture) and hope that will use them in my own practice (
Nurana Mirzoeva, a student, Yekaterinburg)

It is an invaluable thing to hold online webinars especially for those living in remote places like me. I felt great care and concern. (
Irina Dubrovskaya, a teacher in secondary school, KHMAO-Ugra)

Professional communication provided by webinars helps to keep abreast with the developments in methodology, gives impetus to creativity in work, enables to start using new ideas in teaching. (
Tatiana Okninskaya, a college teacher, Tula)

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