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How can we fully exploit this rich medium? This article by Jane Bottomley and Richard Haill presents two ways of building courses around film in the language departments of two universities: the University of Manchester, and Oxford Brookes University. The approaches and activities we have developed were designed to meet the objectives of the particular courses in question, but could easily be adapted for use on a range of language courses.
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A teaching guide to using film and television with three- to eleven-year olds with sample activities
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The article by Christine Roell discusses the importance of teaching intercultural communication, describes activities to use with a film and presents a task-based project involving the use of films.
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A nice tool to use with younger learners that can help to teach write, illustrate and publish their own illustrated books online
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“English as a Global Language” has brought some changes for the ELT context worldwide. Global issues have raised the need for people to be able to communicate effectively in English with the most diverse community of English speakers around the world. Thus, awareness of this cultural diversity and being able to work within such diversity is of vital importance for the formation of international communicators of English. As teachers of English, we need to bring this diversity into our classrooms in order to promote Intercultural Awareness among teachers and students.
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: Backward Design Diagram
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: KWL Chart
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: Lesson Plan Rubric
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: Lesson Plan Template
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: SIOP Lesson Plan Template
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Dr. Rob Danin's Resources: Wording of Objectives Chart